Catching Water

by Of the West

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This is Of the West's first intentional album. It has been over two years in the making, with many interruptions including the separation of the very band that created it. So there will never be another on like it, unfortunately. But there have been tears, heartbreak, near deaths, laughter, joy, adventures, and many stories to be told around this piece of work. Thanks to all my loved ones for encouraging me to get this done.


released September 25, 2016

Alexis Hawks - cello on tracks 5 and 6
Chelsea Moosekien - accordion and vocals
Jack Hanley - percussion
Mathew Harmon - bouzouki, guitar, banjo, vocals
Wesley Somers - guitar, banjo, vocals



all rights reserved


Of the West Santa Cruz, California

Of the West is Welsey Somers, Mathew Harmon, and Chelsea Moosekien.

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Track Name: Freedom
I need freedom now, more than ever before
(because) hell if I can see where the river flows

I'm walking down that road
sun behind and night ahead

my body knows the way
quaking before the dawn
hazy, already gone

into the darkness go I
where no promises await
Track Name: Water
water in my bed,
water in my sheets
water so I cannot sleep.
Track Name: Roads
'hundred year old roads
the grass has over grown
sleeping on our own
in sleeping bags of homes

I am so afraid
the world will never end
and everything I love
will just go on and on

I'm not ready for you to go just yet
will you stay with me if only for a bit
why don't you come into my bed
just one more time?

spilled wax on my boots
so they are water proof
but my socks still get wet
when my feet start to sweat

I am not afraid
of anything at all
I am just afraid
of everything I see

I think that it's time for me to go
home, I cannot stay not even for a bit
let's overthrow these covers
wake up out of this dream
Track Name: Catching Water
I'm catching water in the pottery
I'm leaving daughter in a bad dream

how would you feel if I called your name
for hundreds and thousands of years
and when you finally heard and came
you found I had long since disappeared?
Well that's what the stars do every night
calling on and on across the abyss.
And they are all burning lovers
yearning to swoon and to kiss.

Then when they die they leave little babies behind
because that's just the beginning, not the end of life
and they will remind us how brightly their mothers shined.
Track Name: A Stumble
Touching in the dark
underneath we are two
stars in the reef shining through
I've not seen, I've not seen what it means.

I cannot speak above a mumble
beyond a stumble I cannot speak

Tell me tell me truth

Touching in the dark
on our plates we are full
of what we could not eat: weeds and grass
overgrown, overgrown in our soil

I am afraid of what I cannot name
of who I cannot blame I am afraid

I do not know what do I desire
Where is my fire, I do not know.

Tell me tell me truth

Touching in the dark
underneath we are two
stars in the reef shining through...
Track Name: Ismael
desperately holding the gas pedal down to the floor
trying to escape what we cannot remember
how could we be so blind?
I feel the asphalt eroding as we drive
crumbling at our feet, life is pulsing through the sealant

why don't we have?

cradling spoonfuls of oil away from the fire
spill no single drop like a coin from the ocean
we exhale every time we speak we are holding the gas pedal
down to the floor trying to escape what we cannot remember
how could we be so blind?